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Why You Should Still Shop for Pre-Owned Handbags in Person

Why You Should Still Shop for Pre-Owned Handbags in Person

23rd Jul 2019

There’s a reason why Keeks has BOTH a robust online store AND 3 gorgeous real-life, walk-in-the-door locations. Okay there are many reasons. Earlier this summer, we gave some tips about making the most of our online store, but to keep it balanced, we want to revisit and update a previous topic about why shopping for pre-owned luxury handbags and accessories may best be done in person. 

Here are our latest 7 reasons:

#7 – The Freshest Freshness

Y’all. We work so hard to keep our online store updated with the comings and goings of our inventory as they happen…but things happen really fast in this business! And even if an item is online, it’s possible that you might see it in a different light (literally!) in person that will make it catch your eye and your imagination.

#6 – I Want It and I Want It Now

Has Amazon Prime ruined our shopper souls completely? Perhaps. If you’re investing in a piece of luxury style, you probably care about it more than most of the stuff you have to buy. Can true love wait?! In this case, you don’t have to. It’s so satisfying to walk out into the world with the object of your desire as soon as you’ve made it yours.

#5 – Investment All Around

Speaking of those online retail giants…we’ve got big dreams, but we’re still a local chain. We keep brick and mortar stores open because we know how special these designer products are to the people who buy them, and we know it’s important to keep a personal touch available when carrying these deeply personal items. When you shop local, you’re investing in yourself and also in a part of the community.

#4 – Helping Hands

While we’re on the topic of the human element, we have to give a shout out to our amazing staff! Our sales associates are passionate ambassadors for luxury. Their knowledge can be a major benefit to shopping in-store! (Stay tuned in the coming weeks; we’ll be sharing some of our staff’s picks on the blog!)

#3 - All the Feels

We love designer handbags and accessories in part because they’re beautiful and also because they’re quality, functional items. Before you invest in a piece, it makes sense that you might want to make sure you like the feel of the material, the weight of the bag, or the way it sits on your shoulder. If you want to try something different, it’s as simple as turning around to a new shelf rather than having to make a return and order something new.

#2 - See It to Believe It

Many of our pre-owned handbags and accessories are like new, but some also have light signs of wear. We do our best to photograph and post online any areas that would be of concern, but seeing a piece in person before you buy it can give you the peace of mind that you’re truly comfortable with the particular bag you’ll be carrying.

#1 – Trust

Having our roots planted in the actual ground is one way we want to earn your trust. We’re not going anywhere! When buying pre-owned designer items, being able to trust your source is especially important. Authenticity is everything to us—both in our products and in the way we deal with you, our customer. 


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