Top 5 Reasons to Buy and Sell Pre-Owned Handbags in Person

Top 5 Reasons to Buy and Sell Pre-Owned Handbags in Person

15th Dec 2016

Where is the best place to buy and sell pre-owned designer handbags? Spoiler alert: it might not be online. 

Okay, okay, it’s sweatpants season—obviously there are many advantages to shopping online. And with so many resale websites popping up these days, there’s no shortage of pre-owned designer handbags to be bought over the Internet.

We get it. Customers from all over the country take advantage of Keeks’ website options to buy and sell their luxury accessories online, too.

So why do we feel it’s important to keep our brick and mortar boutiques open? Here are our top 5 reasons:

Keeks Interior

#5 – The Feels

If you’re shopping for designer goods, you care about quality, which probably means you’d prefer to touch and hold a piece of merchandise before you buy it. How heavy is it on your shoulder? Do you like the feel of the leather? You deserve to get exactly what you want.

#4 – Seeing is Believing

When buying a pre-owned luxury item, you especially want to be sure that you feel comfortable with any signs of gentle wear it may have. Seeing an item in person can be the best way to be sure you know what you’re getting.

#3 – Expediency

To put it simply: get money for what you sell faster, and get the instant gratification of walking away with what you buy that day.

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#2 – Sense of Investment

When you purchase a designer handbag or accessory, you’re investing in a piece of luxury for yourself. When you buy from or sell to a local chain, you’re investing in the health of small businesses that reinvest in the community. A business like that will care about the area and will care about keeping you as a customer, which contributes to…

#1 – Trust

Authenticity is of the utmost importance when you’re buying a pre-owned designer handbag or accessory. That goes beyond just the words of an authenticity guarantee--getting to deal with people face to face can be a big part of that trust. Once a store has earned your confidence in person, you can feel all the more at ease if you do decide to take that shopping relationship online!


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