Tips for Shopping for Designer Handbags Online

Tips for Shopping for Designer Handbags Online

30th Apr 2019

One of the things that sets Keeks apart as a spot to buy and sell pre-owned designer handbags and accessories is that we have both an online store and multiple physical, real-world storefronts. We are deeply committed to the enduring value of face-to-face relationships with our customers and providing a shopping experience that can still only come from brick and mortar locations. Obviously, there are plenty of great reasons to shop and sell in person…but even with all that…

…Shopping online just makes the most sense sometimes! Here are some exclusive Keeks tips for making the most of those online times.

Shop Online vs. View Full Store Inventory

Shop Online vs. View Full Store Inventory

You may have noticed that when you click “Shop” on the Keeks website, you have two options: “Shop Online” and “View Full Store Inventory.” So what’s the difference?

"Shop Online"

This option connects you to offerings with a fuller online shopping experience. These listings already have several detailed images and usually a more complete description about the bag’s condition.

Ideally we’d have everything in our shop catalogued this way, but we’re a family-owned business with inventory that comes and goes quickly! We don’t want to make you wait when things get backlogged, so we offer you the sneak peek in…

"View Full Store Inventory"

This is the motherlode. If you see something you like in this store view, but you need more details before you’re ready to click “checkout,” scroll down to see which store has this particular item in stock. Each description lists contact information for the location you can reach out to to ask questions, get more pictures, or visit to see the item in person.

Shop somewhere you can trust.

We understand that buying pre-owned luxury items comes with a special set of considerations.

First and foremost, authenticity is key! Whether you’re seeing a designer handbag or accessory in person before you buy it or not, you need to have a guarantee that the seller has integrity and a robust authentication process.

Also, because of differing amounts of use from previous owners, every item up for sale will be a little bit different. Even if you never planned to set foot in a physical store again, having the option to reach out to a sales associate in a store or to stop by yourself before you make a big purchase can help make sure you are making the best style investments.