The Sustainability of Luxury Resale

The Sustainability of Luxury Resale

10th Sep 2019

The fashion world is really waking up to resale these days. Retail giants are just now catching onto something Keeks has known for almost a decade: that pre-loved luxury is a sustainable choice for shoppers, for sellers, and for the environment. Not only that—we know that luxury is not just an attitude; so many people can appreciate the value of beautiful, quality designer items when they’re made just a little bit more accessible! Let’s just say there’s enough love for pre-loved to keep luxury luxurious for longer.

Publications like Vogue have been asking, “Is the Growth of Resale Really Linked to Sustainability?” for at least a year now and wondering whether it’s thrifty Millennials or evolving consumer consciousness driving the growing trend. All the buzz around Prada’s recent “Re-Nylon” bags made from recycled ocean waste (we’ll have to rethink the term “trash bag” now…) would suggest that environmental concerns are in the mix somewhere. But while statistics support that Millennials buy second-hand more than any other age group, they also get rid of clothing quicker than anyone else (though perhaps they’re just trying to sell while items are sellable).

Whether it’s environmental, financial, or style sustainability that’s your primary motivation for shopping luxury resale, you get (and give!) the benefits of the whole package when you do. Here’s some food for thought:

Buying Better, Buying Less, Taking Care, and Selling Smart

Luxury items are designed to last. Items you buy in luxury resale are selected based on their track record to last not only in construction, but also in value and style. When you shop timeless classics that are versatile enough to match with whatever trend is in, you’ll be able to love them longer.

When it’s time for them to go, you will almost certainly be able to get them into the hands of someone else who will love them. This means less waste in your wallet and at the landfill.

Buying better also gives incentive to really care for a special item rather than abusing it to ruin, having to throw it away, and needing to buy something else. Knowing that you might be able to—and want to—sell said item one day is extra motivation to treat it kindly. (For tips about luxury handbag care, see our post from last week!)

And finally, buying luxury resale from a small business like Keeks means helping to sustain a local economy. There’s so much to feel good about here—including how good you look toting that luxury handbag!