Surprising Things that Affect the Resale Value of Your Designer Handbag

Surprising Things that Affect the Resale Value of Your Designer Handbag

16th Jan 2017

A designer handbag is an investment; whether you want to carry it forever or you want to eventually trade it in for an upgrade, you want to protect its dignity!

Because Keeks only buys and sells authentic, gently-used handbags, we’ve noticed some common owner habits that shorten the lives of even the most finely-constructed pieces. But don’t worry. These problematic habits are so simple, they’re easy to fix, and they’re so obvious, you might smack your forehead for not thinking of them before!

Bad Handbag Habit #1: Filling your bag with too much weight.

Most of us have been guilty of this one. Books, folders, tablets, laptops, bulky wallets and water bottles…sometimes the pounds add up before you even notice! If your bag’s contents are putting stress on the walls or floor of the bag, it’s not good for the designer accessory or for your body!

Simple Solution: Clear it out!

Even if you’re not quite ready to embrace minimalism, there are probably one or two things you can either leave behind or carry separately. Taking a moment to check the contents of your handbag before you leave home will keep you more organized and will keep your designer bag strong. If you just can’t seem to pare it down, maybe it’s already time to upgrade to a different bag.

Bad Handbag Habit #2: Carrying the bag the wrong way.

Just because a bag can be carried on your shoulder, doesn’t mean it should be carried on your shoulder!

One of the things we love about these bags is the way their designers put intention into every detail.

For example: a bag that was intended to be carried with straps over the shoulder will often have a reinforced lining around the top edge of the bag—like the Louis Vuitton Neverfull does (see image at left). When the bag takes extra wear under the arm, this lining can be replaced with relative ease.

A bag designed to be carried in hand or on the arm, however, like the Louis Vuitton Artsy (see image at right), won’t have a lining like this. Carrying an Artsy on your shoulder for too long will likely cause wear in places it wasn’t built to receive it, shortening the glory of a perfectly fabulous item.

Simple Solution: Carry with care!

Think about how you like to wear your handbags when you make your initial purchase. Talk to a sales associate if you’re unsure of how a bag is meant to be carried. If you’re already in the habit of carrying a bag in a way that’s not best for it, it might take a few days to get used to changing your ways, but you can do it!

Bad Handbag Habit #3: Leaving make-up and snacks loose.

Sometimes one of the only give-aways that a bag is pre-owned is the interior. The condition of a handbag’s lining is certainly something that affects resale value. Pen marks, make-up smudges, and snack spills are the most common culprits. We know—life happens!

Simple Solution: Bags within bags, baby!

It’s so obvious, but so easy to forget! Get in the habit of keeping pens, cosmetics, and snacks in smaller bags to protect the carry-all. Plastic bags and zip-locks can easily bust, too, so make sure your pouches are sturdy.

In the end it boils down to this: when in doubt, don’t carry the world on your shoulders if you don’t have to!


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