Staff Picks

Staff Picks

26th Feb 2020

Our inventory of pre-owned luxury handbags and accessories is constantly changing—and we’d have it no other way! But what are the gems in-store right now? Who better to point you in the right direction than our staff members? They see it all as it comes and goes, and they have trained eyes for the best designer finds.

Jasmine (Austin) - Chanel Medallion Tote

Jasmine’s pick is the Chanel Medallion Tote in yellow, saying it’s perfect for “the classic girl who wants a pop of color.” Not only is it a sunny spot just in time for spring, Jasmine adds that this pick will hold its value even as the seasons change.

Chanel Medallion Tote Yellow

Angela (Austin) - Yves Saint Laurent Sac de Jour

Angela points out this small Yves Saint Laurent Sac de Jour in pink, saying “YSL is ALWAYS in style.” Bright, bold, and feminine, this bag, says Angela, is the perfect accessory for someone who wants what she carries to match her personality.

Yves Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Pink

Jaylon (Austin) - Chanel Boy Flap

Jaylon’s pick is the medium Chanel Boy Flap in classic black lambskin leather. Who is this handbag right for? “Anyone who is edgy,” says Jaylon. Between the chains, the name, and the daring chevron quilting, “…it’s a rock and roll bag that is timeless.”

Chanel Boy Flap

Tori (Austin) - Gucci Marmont

Tori highlights the small Gucci Marmont in chic green, saying this bag is “great for the college student who wants to stay on trend.” Gucci Marmonts are always in the top lists for designer handbags that stay relevant and in demand. As Tori says, this bag “stands out in a crowd.”

Gucci Marmont Green

Mia (Hurst) - Keepall 50 Giant Bandouliere

Mia recommends the Louis Vuitton Keepall 50 Giant Bandouliere—especially for the traveling connoisseur. “With these fun in the sun, eye-catching colors it is perfect to carry with you on your spring fling. Wherever you might travel, tis two-toned beauty will surely turn some heads!”

Louis Vuitton Keepall Giant Bandouliere

Emeli (Hurst) - Goyard Belvedere PM

Emeli’s pick is the Goyard Belvedere PM. With a nice, long leather shoulder strap “…this bag is for stylish moms that need a free hand. This on-the-go bag is good for any season, whether you’re going shopping with the girls or out to dinner with the ones close to you.” Emeli adds “the colors of this crossbody go well with any outfit.” Noting that the French Goyard is a relatively low-key for a high-fashion luxury brand, Emeli says its profile is still growing in the U.S. “It’s simple, but it makes a big statement.”

This one hasn’t even made it to our online store yet! You’ll have to stop by in person to check it out!