Spotlight on the Chanel Grand Shopping Tote

Spotlight on the Chanel Grand Shopping Tote

16th Jul 2019

It’s handbags like the Chanel Grand Shopping Tote that make sources for pre-loved luxury so important! Chanel’s most spacious handbag–fondly referred to by insiders as “the GST”– is in especially limited supply. After rumors and worry from its countless admirers, this beacon of practicality and pedigree was discontinued in 2015. We can’t believe the decision was due to anything against the GST, though; Chanel discontinues many styles as the years go on, and this tote remains a highly coveted classic.

Commonly seen in durable caviar or patent leather, the Grand Shopping Tote is an ingenious extension of several Chanel trademark elements. The most obvious is the interlocking double “C” of the Chanel logo, stitched front and center on one side of the bag. Perhaps just as recognizable is the iconic diamond quilting of the bag, which Glamour says was inspired by the clothing worn by boys at the stables where Chanel loved to ride as a young girl.

The tote puts its own twist on the traditional chain strap pioneered by Chanel in the 2.55, which, as Vogue recounts, was the first purse to offer women a hands-free experience. Lovers of the GST appreciate the solid leather tops of its two, shortened chain-and-leather-woven handles, making it even more comfortable to wear over the shoulder or on your arm.

Chanel Grand Shopping Tote Handles

Another popular feature of the bag is its roomy outside pocket—ideal for a phone or other frequently used item to be within easy reach when needed, but still protected when worn on the inside.

Chanel Grand Shopping Tote Slip Pocket

The open, structured interior of the GST makes it a perfect everyday bag. A central zippered pocket separates two large compartments. The two, broader interior walls of the bag each offer an additional pocket: one slip and one zippered. And if you’re worried you’ll never find your keys with all that space, clip them to the handy key strap inside.

Chanel Grand Shopping Tote Interior

The Grand Shopping Tote is truly grand in both senses of the word—big and wonderful! It’s a triumph of both fashion and function. If you’ve been thinking about getting one, don’t wait! These elegant, limited editions will only get more rare as time goes on.

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