Spotlight on the Chanel Classic Flap

Spotlight on the Chanel Classic Flap

Posted by Sarah Donnell on 9th Mar 2017

For the first edition of our Keeks Spotlight Series, we’re starting off with one of the most well-known and important bags of all time—the Chanel Classic Flap.

Chanel Classic Flap

As Vogue Magazine said in their review of the Chanel handbag over the last 50 years,

"The genius of the Chanel bag can be found in its versatility—it has managed to be the perfect accessory, be its wearer in jeans or black-tie, artfully disheveled or painstakingly put together, for more than half a century, invading not only our wardrobes but our cultural consciousness as well."

Take a little stroll through the blogs of designer handbag lovers, and you’ll notice a recurring theme: “I always knew I wanted a Chanel Classic Flap, it was just a question of when.” Or “It was just a matter of what size to get.” It’s true that, at least for those of us who have developed a taste for designer fashion, there’s something about the Classic Flap that seems, well…inevitable.

Maybe it’s because, though it comes in different sizes and every so often can be spotted stepping out of its iconic black leather into other colors and materials, the style of the Classic Flap has remained consistent over the years. An enduring symbol of status and beauty, it surpasses the expectations of fads and changing times. It remains unfazed and distinctly itself.

Here’s the insider scoop on buying, and why this piece in particular is a great choice for buying pre-owned.

Because the Chanel Classic Flap is known for maintaining its aesthetic relevance, it is also known for maintaining its value—especially because Chanel releases only a limited number. In fact, the price of new Classic Flap Handbags has actually increased over the years. 

Authentic Chanels are marked with a serial number inside, and resale prices are determined in part by their age. A handbag with a lower serial number will be older and therefore priced lower, but its outward appearance will be only slightly different from a new Classic Flap. While new versions of this piece will have serial numbers in the 20 millions, a version with a serial number in the 10 million or less range will likely be great buys.

The legendary outward effect will be unmistakable, but the serial on the inside can be your little secret. We certainly won’t tell.

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