No Guilt Necessary: Minimalist Living and Designer Handbags

No Guilt Necessary: Minimalist Living and Designer Handbags

Posted by Sarah Donnell on 27th Apr 2017

Think minimalism and designer handbags are mutually exclusive? Think again.

Even if you haven’t read it, odds are that by now someone has told you about Marie Kondo’s bestselling guide to minimalist living The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Whether you daydream about conquering your clutter or you can’t imagine paring down your belongings to only the ones that “bring you joy,” minimalist ideas are catching on because they offer ways to let go of unwanted stuff and the guilt that comes with it. Is it possible that the designer handbag you’ve been eyeing can help you get there?

Clean Closets

Spring cleaning is here, so if you’re anything like the rest of us, you might be facing (or avoiding) the overstuffed closet with all its winter coats that need to be dry cleaned, accessories you’d almost forgotten you even have, and even (gulp) several items with the tags still attached.

You might not want to go full minimalist, but you can still embrace the parts of the minimalist philosophy that let you get honest and get free of things you just aren’t jazzed to wear or carry anymore.

A good closet clean-out can make your whole life feel a little easier—from getting dressed in the morning, to walking through the day wearing only what you love, to putting things back in their place at night.

Designer Handbags are Great for Clean Closets

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Designer handbags and accessories hold their value much better than most clothes and other accessories (talk to a sales associate at a Keeks location about our 70% buy-back guarantee), so when it’s time to clean out and upgrade, you don’t have to feel the guilt that comes with just throwing something away.

Selling or trading in your old handbags will help you transition into whatever new look feels right this year without being wasteful.

Capsule Wardrobes

If you don’t know what a capsule wardrobe is, go ahead and take a deep Pinterest dive. The idea is simple: less is more. You have fewer items in your wardrobe, but every item is intentionally chosen to be one that fits you well, can be worn with many other items of your wardrobe, and is something you absolutely love to wear.

Designer Handbags are Ideal for Capsule Wardrobes

A closet stocked with essential wardrobe staples demands that those pieces be quality—not just well-made, but beautiful from any angle. And accessories and accent pieces play an even more important role. Having a selection of carefully chosen designer handbags or accessories can differentiate between and add excitement to otherwise simple outfits. If you experiment with buying fewer items that will occupy more importance in your wardrobe rotation, what might have felt like a splurge before can now be thought of as an investment.

Keeping It Fresh

At first glance, the idea of committing to all or part of a minimalist philosophy might seem like a harsh way to deprive yourself of beautiful things. But it can be quite the opposite. Having fewer—but better—things can free you up to keep and experience even more beauty in your everyday life.You’ll have more flexibility to rotate out of belongings or looks that feel a little stale at the end of the year or the end of the season, and you’ll have more space to welcome in the new treasures that you come across and really appreciate.

Check out the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up if you haven’t already. Take what makes sense to you, and throw out the rest!