Happy Holidays from Our Family to Yours

Happy Holidays from Our Family to Yours

24th Dec 2019

Dear Keeks Readers and Customers,

Happy holidays to you! As this decade draws to a close, we’re feeling reflective, excited for the future, and above all, filled with gratitude.

When we opened our first store and sold our first LV Speedy in 2010, we had a strong hunch that luxury resale would speak to others, but no crystal ball could’ve shown us what was in store! So much in the world has changed in 10 years (we barely had smartphones in 2010 and Snapchat didn’t exist) and now the resale market landscape is sprouting new venues left and right. The world seems to be catching on to the secret we already knew: purchasing pre-owned, authentic luxury is just plain smart.

It is not lost on us that buying a luxury handbag or accessory is a big decision. Buying these special items pre-owned requires an important element of trust, and now you have more options than ever. We cannot emphasize this enough: we are truly honored and humbled that you choose Keeks again and again. We guarantee authenticity of the pieces we sell and of the valued relationships we have with you.

It’s been such a privilege to grow and change to better serve YOU. This year we celebrated the one-year anniversary of our Plano location—our largest store yet—and we’ve loved all the possibilities this spacious boutique has provided: a MUCH larger selection, new-to-Keeks brands, and a Christian Louboutin shoe department to name a few. We love having the space to try new things and would love your help deciding what we should add next!

It’s not easy being a family operation swimming in a sea that is filling up with bigger and bigger fish every day! Your business matters to us. Cheers to luxury style without the luxury attitude, to making the really good stuff in life more accessible, and to ALWAYS being authentic.

With love and thanks,

The Keeks Family