Luxury Handbags Perfect for Investment Dressing

Luxury Handbags Perfect for Investment Dressing

1st Oct 2019

Whether the idea of investment dressing is new to you or not, it’s always relevant, and it’s hard to imagine a better encapsulation of investment dressing than the luxury handbag.

Buying Only the Best

As a concept, investment dressing holds that it’s better to buy well-made clothes and accessories you can wear frequently and longer. “The general consensus,” says Annie Brown of the Brisbane Times, “is that buying a few really good pieces which work with everything in your wardrobe, and which feature a ‘classic with a twist’ aesthetic, is a good life decision.” Done. Brown goes on to say, though, that, “…a true fashion investment is something you truly love and which says something about who you really are.”

Which is one of the reasons we love the world of designer handbag resale, isn’t it? There are so many twists on the classics that we love, and there are so many ways to incorporate any classic accessory into your unique look in ways that enhance both!

Dressing for Success

A recent article in CNBC interviews money and finance experts to back this up nicely in their list of 8 Things Worth Paying More For. Number 6 is a “Timeless Work Wardrobe” like the one described above, and number 7 is “a good bag.” The article notes that you’re not only investing in items that will last, but also in the impressions you make on the people surrounding you. A boost in reputation often pays for itself.

Enjoying Good Investments

And finally, it seems like everyday there’s a new report about how investments in the right designer handbags perform better than the stock market. Wouldn’t you rather get to see, feel, and enjoy what you’re putting your money into, anyway?

The Brisbane Times includes many standards that we often see at the top of the investments lists. The Hermès Birkin always gets a mention, but so do Hermès bags in general. We love this Hermès Halzan Mini.

Hermès Halzan Mini

Hermes Halzan Mini

Chanel’s Classic 2.55 is another one that always makes these lists, as its value is always on the climb. We love this Jumbo reissue.

Chanel 2.55

Chanel 2.55 Jumbo Reissue

Marie Claire adds in an article about solid investment bags the Gucci Marmonts. How about this small or this larger shoulder bag? Marmonts come in all kinds of twists, too. Check them out here .

Gucci Marmont Small

Gucci Marmont Small

Gucci Marmont Shoulder Bag Medium

Gucci Marmont Medium Shoulder Bag

Refinery 29 seconds the Gucci Marmont nudge and adds Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, and classic Célines to the list of investments that hold their value over time.

Balenciaga Classic City Agneau Lambskin Satchel

Balenciaga Classic City Agneau Lambskin Satchel

Louis Vuitton City Steamer MM

Louis Vuitton City Steamer Red MM

Céline Trifold Calfskin Black

Celine Trifold Calfskin Black

Invest in yourselves and the things that bring you joy, dear ones. You won’t regret it!