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10 Louis Vuitton Handbags Under $500

10 Louis Vuitton Handbags Under $500

14th Jan 2020

Easily one of the best things about luxury resale is that it brings the finer things in life a little more within reach. After exercising, the most common New Year’s resolution is saving money , and after a busy holiday season, this may feel extra important if you’ve stretched yourself a little thin!

There’s something about the start to a new chapter, though, that may also have us feeling determined to go out and get what we want, to step up our game, to show up more as the version of ourselves we want to inhabit. Manifesting feelings of boldness and abundance can be tricky when we’re on a budget, but we’re here to tell you it can be done!

Have you dreamed of incorporating that iconic LV monogram into your daily life? Or are you a loyal LV carrier who’s feeling a little burned out on always carrying the same handbag? We’ve picked out 10 amazing Louis Vuitton resale deals that can give your 2020 look a designer boost for under $500.

1.The Concorde Monogram - $359.99

But seriously, how is this sassy little number under $500? Petite and structured, she knows exactly who she is and what she needs.

Louis Vuitton Concorde monogram

2.The Pochette Accessories – $349.99

A fan fave for obvious reasons. Constantly on celebrity must-have lists, unassuming, flexible, and unmistakable, you’ll want to take her everywhere, and you won’t feel bad about that at this price point.

Louis Vuitton Pochette Accessories Monogram

3.The Soufflot Epi - $319.99

Uber classy and almost a little sporty, the Soufflot is the perfect size for running around and having it all.

Louis Vuitton Soufflot Epi

4.The Petit Bucket in Monogram - $399.99

Vogue cites the Louis Vuitton bucket as one of the styles popularized as “daywear” gained importance for women in the 60s and 70s. When you’re toting one of these, you can know you’ve got your hands on a vintage classic.

Louis Vuitton Petit Bucket Monogram

5.The Pochette Marelle Monogram - $499.99

The slender shape of the Marelle almost reminds us of the super trendy Fendi Baguette bag…but for Louis lovers with a particular Louis flair. We love how the brand’s roots in travel accessories for the aristocracy comes forward in the straps and buckles on this design.

Louis Vuitton Pochette Marelle Monogram

6. The St. Jacques Epi - $499.99

This original St. Jacques bag was discontinued in 2007 , and even though Louis Vuitton has introduced a new version since then, there’s no other bag with a shape quite like this one. Lucky for you, you can get your hands on this clean and roomy edition while the getting’s still good.

Louis Vuitton St. Jacques Epi

7.The Pochette Accessories Multicolor – $399.99

Just in time for spring, the Multicolor monogram brings a brighter, more playful twist to the Pochette.

Pochette Accessories Multicolor

8.The Trouville Monogram - $499.99

We love the Trouville for its classic charm—it’s a faithful example of what kept Louis Vuitton on the map when women on the go wanted smaller versions of their favorite suitcases that looked smart enough to carry around all day every day.

Louis Vuitton Trouville

9.The Croissant Monogram - $349.99

You don’t have to go to Paris for the perfect croissant, and you don’t have to worry about this one going straight to your hips. Then again, we actually encourage you to love yourself for the same reason we encourage you to love the croissant—it’s all about those curves.

Louis Vuitton Croissant

10.The Biscayne Bay Vernis - $399.99

This Biscayne offers a more subtle version of the monogram embedded in its creamy vernis leather. Winter or spring, this handbag will add some dressy shine to any outfit.

Louis Vuitton Biscayne Bay Vernis

Get smart AND get what you really want in 2020, and let us know if we can help make a Louis Vuitton dream come true! 


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