Louis Vuitton Handbags for Men

Louis Vuitton Handbags for Men

11th Jun 2019

We’ve been deeply inspired by some heroic handbag-for-him stories of late. Beyond these fellows’ admirable and demonstrated commitment to luxury (in the form of Louis Vuitton glory), we love that they’re providing some high profile examples that designer accessories—bags in particular—aren’t just for women!

First of all, let’s take a moment to appreciate David Beckham winning again. The soccer star has long been a beacon of fashion, and now he’s been written up twice in GQ for his Louis Vuitton handbag style. Most recently, spotting him with his Louis Vuitton monogram hard-shell led them to declare, “…He has, without a doubt, got the best collection of carry-on luggage going.” See the pics here.

And then, in a different display of putting fashion at the forefront, we have to give a nod to this guy in Holland who was held up at gunpoint while carrying his cherished Louis Vuitton bag. Rather than give up his beloved and hard-earned LV, he ran, which is pretty hardcore if you ask us.

Now, we know social norms are a little different in the U.S. than in Europe—especially when it comes to men carrying bags (need we relive the somewhat homophobic reaction of Joey Tribbiani’s friends to his “manbag?”), but there’s plenty of middle ground for our more masculine lovers of luxury who also happen to have wordly possessions they need to move from one place to another from time to time! If you’re still on the fence, sir, here are some Louis Vuitton options that could be great gateway bags:

Consider, as David Beckham has, the Louis Vuitton duffle Keepall. Here it is in sleek Damier Carbone.

Louis Vuitton Keepall Damier Carbone

Or, give the look even more edge with the structured Louis Vuitton Steve Business Bag in Damier Graphite.

Louis Vuitton Steve Business Bag Damier Graphite

Pair it with the Louis Vuitton Zephyr 70 in Damier Graphite.

Louis Vuitton Zephyr Damier Graphite

And then keep it mobile with the Louis Vuitton Ambler Bum Bag. Also in Damier Graphite.

Louis Vuitton Ambler Bum Bag Damier Graphite

How about a classic LV monogram taking this Christopher Messenger Bag to the next level?

Louis Vuitton Christopher Messenger Bag GM Monogram

Or who wouldn’t feel like a complete boss with this Louis Vuitton Document Clutch?

Louis Vuitton Document Clutch

Keep an open mind, guys. We suspect that once you open up to designer bags, you won't look back!