Spotlight on Louis Vuitton's Damier Azur

Spotlight on Louis Vuitton's Damier Azur

15th Apr 2019

Just what is Damier Azur? The lengthening days this time of year coupled with the dreams of beach sands, blue skies, and faraway travel they bring seem to beg for one of our favorite patterns—one of Louis Vuitton’s most blissful twists on a signature look. Lucky for us, there are so many ways to love Damier Azur.

Damier Azur Display at Keeks Designer Handbags

First, a close look: “damier” is originally defined as something portable with an alternating pattern of colors—a beautiful way to say “checkerboard”—and “azur” comes from the French “azure” for blue. But not just any blue! This blue has its roots in the depths of a precious stone.

And Damier Azur can trace its roots back to the first Damier canvas invented, as the folks at Louis Vuitton recount, by father and son duo Louis and Georges Vuitton in the year before the Eiffel Tower was unveiled—1888. As of 1998, that Damier would be known as Damier Ebène, and the demure contrast, Damier Azur would follow soon after.

The ever recognizable, simultaneously distinct and delicate look would be enough on its own, but, as the Handbag Blog at Rioni notes, the remarkable make of the material really sets it apart from its many imitators. As anyone who has touched one can most likely tell, bags woven and coated in Louis Vuitton’s special material are lighter and more durable than regular fabric or leather bags. Each one undergoes more than 100 phases of detailed and careful production processes to be as easy on your arms as it is on your eyes!

So this enduring pattern lasts in our daily lives as well as across generations. Seeing this Damier across so many classic designs—from the iconic Speedy to the deep Artsy to the dainty Eva Clutch—is almost like hearing a great song covered by history’s finest voices. We love it every time! Which one speaks directly to your heart?




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