Keeks' Top 10 Most Wanted

Keeks' Top 10 Most Wanted

18th Jun 2019

Are you harboring one of our most wanted designer handbags or accessories in your closet? You can visit any time to scroll through our register of usual suspects and the rewards we offer for each one, but we want to highlight our top ten here in hopes that you can help us round up as many of them as possible this summer.

Prime targets will be gently-used and neat around the edges—not your run-of-the-mill, ink-stained crumb-catchers.

#10 – The Gucci GG Supreme Mini Chain

(Reward ~$300)

Gucci GG Supreme Mini Chain

This little baby may look cute, but it was designed with hard knocks in mind. Gucci’s site recounts that the reinforced trim traces back to the old ways of luggage repair when sites of wear and tear were often replaced in contrasting colors.

#9 - The Gucci Dionysus Line

(Reward ~$700 - $1500)

Gucci Dionysus Line

We shined a spotlight on this family a couple of weeks ago. They may look small, but their inner-workings are highly organized, and their signature hardware is tough.

#8 – The Chanel Boy Flap Bag

(Reward ~$2000 - $3200)

Chanel Boy Flap Bag

You might be more familiar just with its street name, “The Boy Bag.” Descended from the aristocratic classic flaps, these chained toughies might show up in patent leather, calfskin, or lambskin.

#7 – The Gucci Soho Disco

(Reward ~$600)

Gucci Soho Leather Disco Crossbody

This little crossbody number bears the interlocking insignia of its family loud and proud while its leather tassel zipper pull swings nonchalantly from the side. Find it in red, black, or natural leather.

#6 – The Louis Vuitton Eva Clutch

(Reward ~$500)

Louis Vuitton Eva Clutch

Sweet and unassuming, these canvas beauties use their gold chains to shape-shift easily from clutch to small shoulder bag. They may even employ a detachable leather shoulder strap to transform into a crossbody. Catch them in Damier Ebene, Damier Azur, or the classic monogram print.

#5 – The Chanel Classic Flap

(Reward: ~$1700 – $3600)

Chanel Classic Flap

These high-class numbers have been around for a long time. We especially want to find their medium iterations, or the big bosses, known as “Jumbo.”

#4 – The Louis Vuitton Neverfull

(Reward: ~$650 - $700)

Louis Vuitton Neverfull

Through what black magic does the Neverfull live up to its name? We’re honestly scared to ask too many questions. Highest demand is for the Damier Ebene and Classic Monogram versions.

#3 – The Chanel Grand Shopping Tote

(Reward: ~$1100 - $1700)

Chanel Grand Shopping Tote

The shopping tote will waltz in anywhere. Its classy look is reinforced with quality hardware and chains that stop short of sacrificing any shoulder strap comfort. Value is based partially on where each individual serial number falls.

#2 – The Louis Vuitton Artsy

(Reward: ~$1000 - $1200)

Louis Vuitton Artsy

Don’t let this one’s slouchy boho vibe fool you. Inside it could be packing…almost anything.

#1 – The Gucci Interlocking GG Belt

(Reward: Varies)

Not even a bag. We can barely keep this accessory on the shelf. If you got it, we want it. If you’ve been wanting one and you spot it—don’t hesitate or you’ll miss your shot.

Of course there are sooo many others we would love for you to bring in. Scroll through to see more, or stroll through one of our stores to see the kinds of designer handbags and accessories we like to offer.