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Keeks' Staff Picks: Markaylah in Plano

Keeks' Staff Picks: Markaylah in Plano

30th Jul 2019

About Markaylah: 

Markaylah has been with Keeks almost a year now, and while she doesn’t pledge her loyalty to one designer brand over another (“I just like what I like”), style is more than just an abstract concept to her. When she’s not guiding Keeks customers to their dream bags, she’s either shopping herself or modeling at a photo shoot. 

We asked Markaylah about her gateway handbag. 

“My first luxury handbag was a black nylon Prada that I, of course, got at Keeks.” It was the right color, the right price, and, for her, it called back to the cult classic The Devil Wears Prada.

Her advice to shoppers?

“A used handbag is always best seen in person.” And: “Just because it’s used, doesn’t mean it’s worn.”

Still, Markaylah wisely cautions luxury lovers to remember the importance of properly caring for leather products—especially on more vintage items.

“Just like skin…it can dry out, crack and break over time if not conditioned and kept moisturized.” She adds, “Dust bags are essential,” when it comes to storing a bag for a long time.

So what’s Markaylah got her eye on in the store right now?

Chanel Cambon Ligne.

Chanel Cambon Ligne Small Bucket       Chanel Cambon Ligne Wallet on a Chain   Chanel Cambon Ligne Bowler

The small Cambon Ligne tote, in particular, is her favorite. “This bag is so special to me because just like any and every other girl in the world, I would like to own a Chanel,” she says.

This modern touchstone has the striking Chanel logo perched to one side of each bag almost like a sassy hand on the hip. The Cambon Ligne encompasses many styles—bucket totes, bowlers, messengers, pochettes—but they are all crafted from fine calfskin leather with the iconic Chanel diamond quilting.

“I’ve always liked the Cambon, but when I saw it comes in a smaller size, that was perfect for me. I knew it was ‘the one.’”

The Cambon Ligne is hard to keep in stock, so if you see one, don’t hesitate! We love getting classics like these into the hands of those who love them.

“If it wasn’t for Keeks,” says Markaylah, “I probably would never see myself dreaming of owning a Chanel.”

Shop our Chanel Cambon Ligne here.


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