How to Werk 7 of this Summer’s Wildest Trends

How to Werk 7 of this Summer’s Wildest Trends

2nd Jul 2019

Is it any surprise that summer fashion tends to tempt us to push the limits? Nature is in full, vivid, colorful bloom this time of year, and the heat has people shedding layers and inhibitions. If ever there was a time to experiment with some bold lewks, this is it! 

If perusing this year’s runway trends has you ready to dive deep, we’ve got the designer handbags and accessories to complete your most gutsy ensembles.

But, alternately, if you prefer to show up to the fashion party and daintily dangle a foot into the pool rather than creating a huge splash, just reflecting a daring summer style in your handbag can be a great way to ease in. Designer handbag resale deals in pieces proven to hold their value and relevance over time, so you can flaunt this kind of flamboyant finery with confidence.

Now for a look at the trends. Glamour Mag and Cosmo overlap on identifying a couple of staples for this hot, hot heat. Brace yourselves:


If you want to go full neon, you can either double down with something bold and bright like this Gucci GG Marmont Mini

Gucci GG Marmont Mini

...Or tease it with a complementary taste of color attached to a more earthy palette in this Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Monogram Totem warmed up with touches of color around the edges.

Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Monogram Totem

2. Tie Dye

Whether you’re ready to go head-to-toe psychedelic or not, the Louis Vuitton Multicolor plays along offering a kaleidoscope of color, but with a little more structure.

Louis Vuitton Alma PM Multicolore Black

In a different direction, this Fendi Ombre Zucca Mia evokes the soft lines of the dye, but in a neutral color family.

Fendi Ombre Zucca Mia


Glamour tells us waterproofs are here and not just for their functional origins. We were a little surprised by this at first, but after a moment of considering the allure of the bright and shiny, inspiration was everywhere we looked! 

Consider reflecting this sleekness with the Louis Vuitton Sarah Wallet Red Vernis

Louis Vuitton Sarah Wallet Vernis Red

Or this Louis Vuitton Alma BB Vernis:

Louis Vuitton Alma BB Vernis

And then this Chanel Camellia Wallet on a Chain is sweet as candy in coral patent leather.

Chanel Camellia Wallet on a Chain

And the Gucci Hysteria Shoulder Bag would pair perfectly with a smart summer trench.

Gucci Hysteria Shoulder Bag

4.Bike Shorts

Citing Chanel, Cosmo points out that bike shorts are more than just gym wear. Take your sporty spice out on the town with Chanel’s Embossed Nylon Backpack

Chanel Embossed Nylon Backpack

Or consider the also trim and hip-hugging qualities of the Yves Saint Laurent Belt Bag Classic.

Yves Saint Laurent Belt Bag Classic

5. Polka Dots

Cosmo highlights the return of the dot this summer. We advise you to take full advantage of both wavy summer vibes and polka dot magic with the Louis Vuitton Monogram Kusama Yellow pattern, shown here in a Cosmetics Pouch, Speedy, and Neverfull.

Louis Vuitton Cosmetics Pouch Monogram Kusama

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Monogram Kusama

Louis Vuitton Kusama Yellow Speedy

6. Puffed Shoulders

Embrace your inner sweetheart self! But, obviously, don’t crush your own shoulder style by hanging something bulky up there. Keep it delicate with something like this Louis Vuitton Eva Clutch in a breezy Damier Azur.

Or go whimsically vintage with the Louis Vuitton Hat Box.

Louis Vuitton Hat Box Damier Azur

7. Pattern Mash-ups

Cosmo reports that that the fashion world is giving the green light to throw caution to the wind and mix it up. Leave the guesswork out of it, and let the master of the mash-up do it for you. Louis Vuitton’s Neverfull in Jungle Dot has all of summer’s goodness in the bag.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Jungle Dot

Or…spot your own trends: view our full store inventory.