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How to Shop When You're Spring Broke

How to Shop When You're Spring Broke

22nd Apr 2019

Has spring break left you feeling a little spring broke? No one has to know. And there’s no reason to sacrifice all retail therapy during these perfect sunny shopping days.

You’re reading a pre-owned designer handbag blog, so, like the rest of us at Keeks, you’re probably already committed to smarter luxury. We wanted to share some of our smartest shopping gems for this season—a selection of big name designer handbags all under $300.

And if you find your eye wandering into a higher price range, we’ve got tips for how to make the most of our layaway program, too.

Keeks’ layaway is a great option for those who want to act on the perfect designer find before someone else swoops in and snatches it away. Purchases $500 and up are eligible. Just put down 30% and then you have 60 days to pay.

Layaway is best for confident shoppers, though, because a 15% cancellation fee will apply if you change your mind.

You might be surprised, though, at what you can get for less. Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Hermes?! Take a look!

Fendi Bustina Python Clutch

Is it legal to look this good for this little? Was $299.99 Now $209.99

Fendi Bustina Python Clutch

Gucci Horsebit Clutch

A splashy twist on a classic Gucci look. $199.99

Gucci Pink Horsebit Clutch

Celine Goldfish Clutch

Sometimes things that glitter are gold. $249.99

Celine Goldfish Clutch Gold

Gucci Calfskin Medium Britt Boston Ivory

Plenty of room here to stash all the cash you've saved. $299.99

Gucci Calfskin Medium Britt Boston Ivory

Hermes Fourre Tout

As sturdy and ready for your day as you are. $299.99

Hermes Fourre Tout

Prada Tabacco Bronz Shoulder Bag

Day to night looks will all benefit from this bronze. $249.99

Louis Vuitton Trouville Monogram

A little bit of a reach, but she's so good we had to include her. Don the iconic LV monogram for just $399.99!

Louis Vuitton Trouville Monogram

Or shop bigger and try out the layaway program! 


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