Helpful Designer Handbag Hints  for Wedding Season

Helpful Designer Handbag Hints for Wedding Season

28th May 2019

There’s nothing worse than getting dressed before a big event and realizing you don’t have the right bag to get you through. So when you’re shopping for those perfect wedding guest dresses this season, don’t forget to think about how you’ll carry your essentials with you. Alternatively, if you have an old reliable outfit already in the closet, adding the right handbag to the look can freshen things up quite a bit.

This is really the perfect occasion to look to your favorite pre-owned designer handbag store. You want to carry something that doesn’t look like an afterthought and is classy enough to be impressive without stealing focus. Buying pre-owned can allow for an appropriate splurge on a truly special accessory you don’t get to carry every day.

So what do you need? According to The Knot’s dress advice for this year’s guests, other than avoiding the bride’s white and keeping your short skirts in check, the rulebook for guest attire is wide open! Depending on the events in your calendar, you may have a range of colors, styles, and fanciness to prepare for this season, so we’ve picked out and array of accompanying handbags to get your ideas going. We tend to think small for these dressy occasions. You don’t want to eclipse your outfit, bulk out in photos, or weigh yourself down as you move through the day if you can help it! But even with that in mind, you’ve got a lot of options.

A clutch is the obvious go-to for a dressier event.

Louis Vuitton Eva Clutch Damier Ebene

(Above: Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Eva Clutch)

Gucci Soho Patent Leather Clutch

(Above: Gucci Soho Patent Leather Clutch)

And, if you can pare down your needs to just a few touch-up items, a dainty wristlet or pochette will leave you unencumbered—even on the dance floor or if you go for drinks on the town after the reception.

Versace Collection Vitello Stampa Alce Wristlet

(Above: Versace Collection Vitello Stampa Alce Wristlet)

Gucci GG Supreme Canvas Blooms Mini Pochette

(Above: Gucci GG Supreme Canvas Blooms Mini Pochette)

Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent are masters of the envelope or flap style crossbody that can literally go anywhere and dress up even outfits you might not feel thrilled about. 

Chanel Classic Flap Medium Lambskin

(Above: Chanel Classic Flap Medium Lambskin)

Yves St Laurent Chevron Monogram Envelope Crossbody

(Above: Yves St Laurent Chevron Monogram Envelope Crossbody)

But a small, structured bag can also keep things classy while affording a little extra room.

Hermes SAC Rouis Mini

(Above: Hermes Hermes SAC Rouis Mini)

Gucci Medium Padlock Supreme GG Tote

(Above: Gucci Medium Padlock Supreme GG Tote)

And if you’re on support duty for members of the wedding party, for instance, or for your own little ones in attendance, you may not feel like you can sacrifice the functionality of your roomy handbag for a fashionable look. Fear not. Depending on your outfit, you can probably find a statement tote that will show up as a part of your look instead of an unavoidable piece of luggage.

Louis Vuitton Brea MM Vernis

(Above: Louis Vuitton Brea MM Vernis)

Gucci Micro Guccisima Tote

(Above: Gucci Micro Guccisima Tote)

The Keeks staff will be thrilled to guide you as you think through what you need and want. Browse online, and feel free to call or visit one of our locations if you need any help!