Handbags for 2019 Summer Fashion Trends: Part II

Handbags for 2019 Summer Fashion Trends: Part II

6th Aug 2019

Welcome to August! The kiddies may feel their summer vacation winding down, but we’ve reached the season’s full bloom and full heat, so it’s time to enjoy every last drop of hotness. By now, we’ve had the opportunity to really watch the summer fashion trends unfold. Some are perennial—things we can expect to see return again and again, others are likely having their singular shining moment, so if you want to be here for it, here we are. Either way, aligning your trendy looks with accessories that have staying power—like luxury handbags that hold their value in resale—is always a fashionable, financially solid choice.

Here are some pairings for summer trends that are still everywhere this year:

Bucket Bags

Bucket hats are back apparently? Who would have thought this would happen? Live your life; we won’t judge, but admittedly we’re partial to bucket bags. These beauties capture the functional, casual, beachy vibe, and they’re sure to still be okay to wear next year.

Louis Vuitton Petit Noe Epi Two Tone

Chanel Cambon Ligne Small Bucket Bag

Neo Goth

There’s something extra delicious about indulging in the edge and angst as a throwback or resurgence. Whether you’re feeling like staying up late, listening to Billie Eilish a little bit too loud or smoldering in a corner somewhere writing in your journal, we understand you even if no one else does. Paint you nails black and intimidate the haters with something chunky, unique, and maybe a little dangerous.

Chanel Boy Flap Embellished Lambskin Black

Louis Vuitton Josh Rope Backpack Damier Graphite


It’s hard to imagine this soft purple hue ever not being okay to wear, but lavender is undoubtedly an “it” color this summer. Slather yourself with some soothing essential oils don your pastels and float around like you just stepped out of a meadow.

Chanel Boy Bag Patent and Distressed Lambskin

Animal Print

We can count on animal prints to stick around—especially when they’re done well, but there’s something that feels especially right about showing a bit of our wild side in summer. StyleCaster reports that snake print is particularly in. Take advantage.

Chanel Vintage Python Mini Clutch

Louis Vuitton LockMe II BB PythonGucci Soho Disco Ombre Wallet


As Glamour says, pleats are back. This sophisticated look manages to be both ordered and soft. The gathered effect will have you seeming calm, cool, and collected no matter how hot it gets outside.

Prada White Vitello Daino Pleated Wristlet

Prada Hobo

Take a fashion risk or keep it chill. You can feel confident knowing pre-owned designer handbags are up for resale only because they maintain their value and appeal.

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