Half Moon Handbags and Beyond

Half Moon Handbags and Beyond

5th Nov 2019

You don’t want to carry the world on your shoulders, but what about the moon? When we read that the UK’s Stylist had pinpointed the half-moon bag as one of the best looks of the fall season, we had to agree. While many handbags square things off at the edges, there’s something so satisfying about the rounded lines found in our Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Chloe inventory.

Across cultures, the moon has been considered a symbol of femininity for centuries, and people have always looked to its changing shape as a measurement of time. Maybe there’s something deep in our roots that draws us to echoes of this shape…or maybe it’s just pretty.

Either way, we’ll hold up our favorite half-moon handbags, but we don’t want to stop there. We’ve picked out luxury handbags for every lunar phase so you can enjoy the full range of this soft and striking look of having the moon in hand or slung over your shoulder like the goddess that you are.

Full Moon Handbag

Let’s start with an almost perfectly fully round Louis Vuitton in the Hatbox. This one looks particularly moony with its Damier Azur pattern.

Louis Vuitton Hatbox Damier Azur

Almost Full Moon Handbags

Then you know how you look out the window some nights and you say, “Look, the moon is full!” And someone next to you says “Nuh-uh, that’s tomorrow,” and then you can see that it’s still missing a little piece, but just barely? Yeah. We have bags for that. 

Louis Vuitton Mahina

Louis Vuitton Tulum Monogram

Gucci Monogram Princy Hobo

Gucci Pelham Horsebit

Gibbous Moon Handbags

Waxing or waning, the gibbous moon is that space just between the half and the full moon. Chloe and Louis Vuitton both have luxuriously rounded designs that echo the possibilities of this transitional shape.

Chloe Drew

Chloe Tess

Louis Vuitton Croissant

Half Moon Handbags

Stylist Mag features bags rounded on the bottom and flat on top, but as we see the actual moon in this shape when it waxes and when it wanes, we think it’s only right to celebrate this delicious look from both angles.

Louis Vuitton Saint Could Epi

Louis Vuitton St Cloud Monogram

Louis Vuitton Ribera Damier Ebene

Louis Vuitton Trousse Demi Ronde

Guicci Mini Trapuntata

Crescent Moon Handbags

Curved on the bottom, curved on top, some might call a bag in this shape a hobo, but you could also consider it a little slice of crescent moon on your arm.

Gucci Bamboo Hobo

Gucci Guccissima Shoulder Bag

Gucci Shoulder Bag

New Moon Handbag

What’s the opposite of a full moon bag? A Neverfull of course! Here she is in all her shadowed noir glory.

Neverfull Epi Black with Pochette