Gifting Resale Losing Taboo

Gifting Resale Losing Taboo

17th Dec 2019

We love watching the world at large come around to what we’ve known for almost a decade: if the gift is good, no one cares that it was pre-owned. With even big department stores now trying to get in on the resale revolution, any stigma folks might have worried about regarding giving a pre-loved item to someone else is falling away fast.

Media outlets across the country have been buzzing with the findings from a recent report by Accenture. Their survey showed that, “…nearly half (48%) of respondents said they would consider giving second-hand clothing as gifts, and even more — 56% — said they would welcome gifts of this kind for themselves.”

In their article, “Used Stuff is the Next Big Trend in Christmas Shopping,” Bloomberg news reports, “Once taboo, the pre-owned market is increasingly seen as a savvy way for shoppers to save money, discover harder-to-find items and reduce their carbon footprint in an age of disposable fashion.”

So if gift recipients are more and more okay with receiving pre-worn clothes, it’s not hard to see why pre-owned luxury handbags and accessories are sure hits. People love gifts that have had time, thought, and care put into them. By their nature, luxury items have been carefully and thoughtfully crafted. Iconic brands have been infused with the love of those who pay attention across decades. And then most items of this caliber are associated with the idea that they are vintage and not easy to come by.

Years ago, Money magazine interviewed etiquette expert, Patricia Fitzpatrick, about the best way to give a pre-owned gift. Fitzpatrick set out the following 3 guidelines: that the gift be in good condition, that it be one the recipient would enjoy, and that it be wrapped—preferably boxed—as if it were new. Gifts bought in a boutique specializing in luxury resale are sure to check boxes 1 and 3…and most likely the 2nd as well.

We outlined our own reasons and helpful tips for buying pre-owned luxury gifts several years ago, but what’s most important is how you feel about it. If you’re still unsure, we encourage you to take advantage of coming into a physical store location to take a look around and get caught up in the beauty of fashion that defies age or category.