Designer Accessory Gift Guide (Part 1: Hermes, Chanel, and Gucci)

Designer Accessory Gift Guide (Part 1: Hermes, Chanel, and Gucci)

13th Nov 2019

We’re big believers in the idea of giving pre-loved designer handbags as gifts (we’ve even written about it here)—our shoppers do it all the time, and the recipients are thrilled! But we also understand that picking out a designer handbag for someone else might feel like a little…much. Maybe you don’t know them well enough to anticipate their taste like that, or maybe you’re just not ready or able to shell out that much dough on this one.

If you’ve got someone with a passion for fashion on your gift list, a designer accessory is a great bet. You get all the glory of presenting them with a designer label in a form that’s versatile and more affordable. We’ve compiled some great options here.

This is an especially great gift-buying hack if you’re shopping for someone who already owns some designer items. Take note of who they already wear, and you’ll have a good sense of what designer will be meaningful to them.


If you’re new to this scene, let us just clue you in: Hermes has been seen as the gold standard for generations. In fact, along with Chanel, Hermes handbags are constantly cited as investments that perform better than the stock market . Like the coveted Chanel Classic Flap bag, Hermes scarves are the kind of thing you often hear women hoping to inherit from their grandmothers. If you’re shopping for someone who has any appreciation for luxury-crafted items, a Hermes accessory is certain to communicate to them that you respect their innate class and sophistication.

Hermès Scarf - $399.99

Hermes Scarf

Hermès Clic Clac Wide Bracelet - $499.99

Hermes Clic Clac Wide Bracelet

Hermès Wide Bangle – $244.99

Hermes Wide Bangle

Hermes Brown Leather Agenda - $89.99

Hermes Leather Agenda


Like Hermes, Chanel is a name that’s synonymous with style and grace—the kind that doesn’t fade. What’s more, the mere idea of Chanel is pervasive and powerful enough that even if your giftee hasn’t been able to dream of affording her first Chanel handbag yet, the appeal and status of this name is sure to still carry value. And if she already loves her Chanel handbag, offering her something else to complete the picture will win just as many points.

Chanel Pearl Belt - $649.99

Chanel Pearl Belt

Chanel Scarf - $299.99

Chanel Scarf

Chanel Resin Cuff Beaded Bracelet - $259.99

Chanel Beaded Resin Cuff


Gucci enthusiasts should be thrilled to wrap themselves in more of this luxury brand. The interlocking Gucci belt is always a huge hit—it’s regularly one of Keeks’ Top 10 Most Wanted items! And a Gucci watch will go with any outfit. These Gucci watches incorporate the signature Gucci horsebit, which is featured in many iconic Gucci handbags.

Gucci Belt - $249.99

Gucci Belt

Guccissima Face Horsebit Watch - $149.99

Guccissima Face Horsebit Watch

Gucci Vintage Silver Toned Horsebit Watch - $299.99

Gucci Vintage Silver Toned Horsebit Watch

We’ll add more pre-owned luxury accessories gift guides as the holidays approach. In the meantime, luxury wallets also fit into this category. Get some ideas from our recent blog post , and then shop more wallets and accessories here