Dark and Daring Handbag Picks

Dark and Daring Handbag Picks

29th Oct 2019

As the nights get longer and we feel the tug of winter at the edges of these autumn days, it’s the perfect time to lean into the mysteries of shadowy chic. Maybe it’s time we rethink our typical associations with the question, “Are you dressing up for Halloween?” Donning a classic luxury handbag in black will elevate an already dark look or punctuate a light, colorful contrast.

When we consider “black magic,” we think about the fact that this color is capable of making a statement without ever seeming to clamor for attention. It’s almost always a safe fashion bet while somehow still retaining at least a whiff of danger and rebellion. Maybe that’s because, as this Wall Street Journal style and fashion piece details, wearing black hasn’t always been socially acceptable. These days, though, other colors are still trying to be the “new black,” and staples like the “little black dress” are all but required in a woman’s wardrobe.

A recent New York Times article notes the recent rise in witchy interest as a wave of reclamation of feminine power. Whether that’s your style or not, we submit for your consideration an array of timeless black designer handbags sure to cast spells of admiration in the eye of any beholder.

Chanel 2.55 Reissue Jumbo in Black Lambskin

“I have said that black has it all.” Coco Chanel is credited with inventing the hands-free handbag (adding the shoulder strap to create the 2.55) and even with inventing the “little black dress.” So it’s not much of a leap to declare the classic black 2.55 the equivalent of the LBD in handbag form. This reissue with its black hardware capitalizes on the tradition and doubles down on the confidence available to anyone lucky enough to be wearing Chanel.

Chanel 2.55 Reissue Jumbo

Gucci Emily Shoulder Bag

There’s something sweet about Gucci’s Emily Shoulder Bag, no doubt, and yet the classic Gucci horse bit hardware suggests that Emily will bare her teeth if she needs to. The assertive black is the perfect foundation for these gold accents.

Gucci Emily Shoulder Bag

Celine Phantom Luggage Medium

What’s the essence of a phantom? She comes and goes as she pleases. People might not understand her, but if they’re intimidated, that’s their problem. This Celine favorite takes black to the next level, upping the ante on the bold look by expressing it in a refined suede texture.

Celine Phantom

Louis Vuitton Alma PM Vernis

This Alma is bound to inspire looks for those who are truly self-possessed. She needs no more and no less than she is. The simple lines of this shape are heightened to the epitome of sophistication in the certainty of the shiny black look.

Louis Alma Vernis

Lady Dior Large Patent Leather

Christian Dior described black as “…the most elegant of all colors.” And we can see how it is so in the shape of the iconic Lady Dior bag in black patent leather. Here we get the fantastic play of dark and light as this refined design gleams.

Lady Dior Large Patent Leather

Gucci Beloved Marmont

We love the way this Beloved Marmont is trimmed one of black’s favorite friends—red. All we ask is that you fulfill our dreams and get the matching red manicure when you go out on the town with this clutch in hand.

Gucci Beloved Marmont

Celine Belt Bag

Another fantastic example of the love affair between black and hints of red, this Celine Belt Bag offers space for whatever you’ve got to be held in the strength and beauty of classic Celine leather.

Celine Belt Bag

Chloe Mini Faye Shoulder Bag

Chunky hardware gives this Mini Faye a sense of strength and sass along with the class that we expect from anything Chloe. Though she may be little, she is fierce and not to be messed with.

Chloe Mini Faye

Slide into whatever version of this shade you like--it's anything but somber!


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