Accessorize for Successful 2017 Resolutions

Accessorize for Successful 2017 Resolutions

5th Jan 2017

New Year’s resolutions can be difficult to keep, but that’s hardly a reason to let an opportunity to improve your life pass you by! There are plenty of strategies out there to help keep you motivated with whatever it is you’re hoping to renew in 2017; obviously, we have our own favorite.

While some people just think of accessories as extra flair... intentionally chosen designer piece can be much more. Unlike other items in your wardrobe that only get worn every now and then, a quality accessory will probably appear much more frequently in rotation—maybe even every day. And unlike that stationary bike in your bedroom that only ever gets used as a place to drape clothes…you’re going to want to use a designer accessory.

So what qualities of life are you hoping to put some time and effort into cultivating for your New Year? 

Is there a beautiful handbag or accessory out there that might help you manifest and remember this commitment to yourself whenever you wear it?

We have some suggestions to get you inspired!

Step Up the Adulting	Louis Vuitton Galet Taurillon Leather Capucines MM Handbag

Is it time to grab life by the shirt collar and show it who’s boss? Whether you’re making doctors appointments or paying a visit to your accountant, raise the bar for yourself and those around you with a structured handbag that gracefully goes anywhere.

(Our pick: Louis Vuitton Galet Taurillon Leather Capucines MM Handbag)

Get FitLouis Vuitton Monogram Belt

What better way to inspire and reward yourself for those 2017 gym visits than with the perfect belt? You’ll love the hips you already have every time you put it on, and if you take it in a notch, well, you win all over again.

(Our pick: Louis Vuitton Monogram Belt)

Travel MoreGucci Duffel

Chances are you live within 3 hours of several changes of scenery that you never see often enough. Keep a commitment to your authentic self—the part of you that’s not just your job and not just your daily routine—and take some weekend trips this year.A beautiful duffel bag close at hand can be the perfect reminder of how easy it is to throw a change of clothes and a toothbrush in the car and take off for a night.

(Our pick: Gucci Duffel)

(More Keeks travel bag suggestions, here.)

Be On TimeMichael Kors Black Rose Gold Wren Watch

It’s a slippery slope, isn’t it? When you’re 5 minutes late to one thing in the day, it can snowball through the rest of the calendar. With a classy watch on your wrist, keeping track of time will be a luxury instead of a chore. Bonus: you’ll look way more at ease than those of us who always have to have our cell phones on the table.

(Our pick: Michael Kors Black Rose Gold Wren Watch)

$pend SmarterLV Damier Ebene Manosque GM

One of the best money-saving strategies is to cut out thoughtless spending in order to be able to focus on the quality stuff in life—the stuff you really love. So if you do have a little budget for luxury, make it count! Carrying an authentic, classic style on your arm secretly knowing that you got it for almost half price could be a great tone to set for your spending in 2017.

(Our pick: Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Manosque GM)

No matter what your resolution is, you can cross “stepping up my style” off your list with any of these beauties in tow!


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