4  Ways to Floral with Handbags and Accessories

4 Ways to Floral with Handbags and Accessories

21st May 2019

The April showers are gone, bring on the May flowers! We love that the floral trend is sticking around, and we loved this Bustle post from several years ago that outlines some sweet tips for thinking about incorporating florals into your wardrobe. Of course we have our own ideas about all the ways designer handbags can play right into these recs.

Just like fine artists have been painting luscious floral arrangements for centuries and lovers of beauty keep buying them to always have the feeling of fresh flowers in their home, the right floral handbag or accessory can give you all the feeling of carrying a perfectly styled bouquet around everyday—one that never wilts!

Taking inspiration from Bustle and recent runway trends reported in British Vogue, here are our four ways to floral with the help of designer handbags and accessories:

#1: Add Interest to Your Neutral Outfits

You don’t have to be a shrinking violet wearing soft neutrals this spring. Whether you’re rocking whites, muted chambray, or earth tones, a dash of flower power in the form of a designer handbag will make the whole look a bold, intentional one.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM Roses MonogramGucci Supreme with Pouch Multicolor Canvas

#2: Go for Contrast

On the flip side, florals open up the possibility for some daring play on the classic feminine ideas. Try pairing a more hard-edged black outfit with some sweet or sassy buds. Alternatively, you could balance out a bold floral pant or a frilly flowery blouse with a little bit of high fashion stud on your arm.

Prada Bouquet Shoulder Bag

#3: Tease It

The beauty of finding your floral in your accessories is that you don’t really have to worry about overdoing it. Consider keeping it subtle with just a hint of pattern in your shoes, a whiff of flowers around your neck, or a strategic floral tease that’s not a full-on print.

Gucci Dionysus GG Blooms Medium

Chanel Cashmere Scarf

Hermes Small Floral Scarf

#4: Explore All Your Options

Finally, be sure to check your assumptions about what floral even is. Maybe you’re not the dainty daisy type, but some hot, chunky blooms might suit you perfectly. Maybe you have associations with old-fashioned rosebuds when some playfulness in your go-to bag might actually make you smile each day. Or maybe you’re not into the noise of patterns, but something more textural could add a lot of interest to your everyday without rocking the boat too hard. The moral of the floral? Don’t write it off!

Gucci Suede Horsebit Floral

Louis Vuitton Pochette Access Monogram Cherry Blossom

Chanel Camellia Flower Shoulder Bag

No matter how you choose to do it, Keeks wants to help you bloom this spring and summer! 


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