​4 Reasons to Get Mom a Pre-Owned Designer Handbag

​4 Reasons to Get Mom a Pre-Owned Designer Handbag

7th May 2019

With Mother’s Day sneaking up on us, this seems like the perfect time to revisit one of our popular questions from a few years ago: Is it Okay to Give Pre-Owned Handbags as Gifts?

And here’s the quick recap:

Yes. It’s more than okay, and Keeks shoppers do it all the time!

And here’s why:

Reason #1: Most people are already accustomed to the idea of classic, limited-edition luxury items being pre-owned.

Sure there are some individuals you’ll shop for who would be happy to be gifted a brand new Audi, but chances are most would be just as thrilled to find a pre-owned Jaguar with a big red bow in the driveway. Cars aren’t the only things we buy pre-owned; vintage jewelry, antiques, and fine art all make fabulous gifts even though the receiver wasn’t the first person to set their hands and eyes on them.

At the end of the day, what matters most in this class of items is authenticity, and Keeks shoppers can always trust that they’re getting—and giving—the real deal.

Reason #2: You Can Maximize the Value of Your Gift

When we’re talking about designer fashion, name and style carry a lot of weight. What’s more, a well-made item of top-quality material will defy its age. Whether mom has only ever dreamed of owning something so luxurious or whether she’s a seasoned fashionista, buying pre-owned can bring new tiers of excellence within reach.

Reason #3: This is Real Life

Carrying a beautiful designer handbag can help Mom feel like a queen everyday, so you don’t want her to feel like she needs to keep the fancy gift you gave her on a shelf only for use on special occasions. Many people actually feel really liberated by having a luxury handbag or accessory that’s pre-owned. Because of their functional nature, handbags can take some abuse! Giving someone an item that, while in great condition, might have a blemish or two, often makes people feel freer to carry and enjoy the accessory to the fullest.

Reason #4: Swaps are Possible

A particular luxury of pre-owned luxury is that, if the style you picked out isn’t quite the right fit for Mom, she can bring it back to Keeks within 14 days and swap it out for something she adores. This way, you’ve got the opportunity to present her with a thoughtful, truly special gift while keeping the peace of mind that she can adjust it to make a great choice for her own look.

A Little Extra Help:

If you’re totally unsure of what style Mom might want, giving her a gift card to a designer handbag shop shows you know she’s worth designer finery, she’s a smart shopper, and you’re paying attention to what she loves while giving her the freedom to choose her own adventure.

If this isn’t Mom’s first designer handbag rodeo, she might even want to combine the gift card with the trade-in value of something she already owns to get something beyond fabulous.

Or is Your Name Mom? 

Did you know our sales staff is equipped to take notes and photos about what you like if you shop or call ahead? They can help guide your less-than-confident gifters to a great choice for you.

Moms and those who love them can be our special guests at a celebration this Saturday (before Mother’s Day!) to browse around for their best choices and enjoy some bubbles and bites while they do! Quality time and quality fashion? Could there be a better gift combo? Bonus: you'll get extra Keeks rewards points for your purchase!