The Bags You Need to Travel Smarter

Whether you’re spending the weekend at Grandma’s or two weeks in Hawaii, it’s easy to become discombobulated when packing up and pulling a piece of your life away from home. If there’s any secret to make the process of getting from here to there feel a little more luxurious, though, it’s in the bag. (See what we did there?) Having the right luggage, handbags, and other bags at the ready can help you feel put together while you’re keeping it together!

Don’t feel like you have to sacrifice fashion for function.

Before yoga pants and jeggings were even a twinkle in anyone’s eye, it used to be commonplace to dress up for a journey. What we wear affects the way we feel and the way others respond to us, so try to assemble a travel-day ensemble that combines comfort and class. Even if the trip isn’t smooth, you’ll feel better knowing that you look smooth.

A matching set of designer handbags and luggage will take any travel day look to the next level:

Duffel or Suitcase

Keeks LV Keepall

The easiest way to literally reduce the strain of travel is to pack smarter so you can carry a smaller bag. Small suitcases like the LV Sirius 45 or the LV Pilot Rolling Suitcase are great options, but there is a reason the duffel-style Louis Vuitton Keepall is so popular. 

This versatile bag is easy to carry and its compressable shape means that not only can you bring it onto a plane (with the exception of the Keepall 60, which is too big to be a carry-on by TSA standards), you can fit it under the seat in front of you if the overhead compartment is full. 

Filled with mix-and-matchable clothing, it's entirely possible to pack for a 10-day trip in this baby. Put heavy items like shoes on the bottom, and consider organizing different types of clothing or complete outfits into separate compression bags or packing cubes, especially for longer trips. This will help you fit more and will keep you from messing up your beautifully organized suitcase when you just need a pair of clean socks.

Packing a small accessories bag will ultimately save space if you use accessories to transition outfits from day to night instead of packing more clothes.

And don’t forget to throw in your hostess gift bag if staying with friends or relatives!

Keeks LV Neverfull


Whether you’re flying, driving, or catching a train, this is of course the mother lode of almost everything you need handy. Think of filling your tote with smaller bags for easy access and as a way to protect your designer handbag from pen marks and gummy bear smudges. See-through zip-lock bags are especially useful if flying and/or traveling with kids. Make sure you have small bags here for…

  1. Snacks
  2. Medicines and First Aid Items
  3. Toiletries
  4. Make-up
  5. Chargers, Earbuds, and Cords
  6. Reading Material, Tablets, and Activities

Fun fact: While some folks might be hesitant to fly with a LV Neverfull as their carry-on/personal item due to its lack of a zipper, this is actually the preferred travel bag of Keeks’ founder, who finds that the Neverfull fits it all and never spills.

Keeks LV Danube Crossbody


Don’t risk it—strap the important stuff like money, identification, and travel documents right onto your torso. 

Not only is it more secure, you’ll save yourself from scrambling to look for your boarding pass or your ringing phone again and again throughout the day. This Louis Vuitton Crossbody is a little more attractive than a stringy passport holder, don’t you think?

Did we forget anything? What’s on your smart and stylish packing list?