Is It Okay to Give Pre-Owned Handbags as Gifts?

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You’re totally down with buying pre-owned designer handbags for yourself—you’re the only one who’ll ever know, and you’re able to get more bag for your buck—but can you go pre-owned for someone else?

The short answer: absolutely. Keeks shoppers do it all the time.

Why? A few motivating factors to consider:

Most people are already accustomed to the idea of classic, limited-edition luxury items being pre-owned.

Maybe some people on your gift list would prefer a brand new Audi, but chances are others would be completely fine to find a pre-owned Jaguar with a big red bow in the driveway. Cars aren’t the only things we buy pre-owned; vintage jewelry, antiques, and fine art all make fabulous gifts even though the receiver wasn’t the first person to set their hands and eyes on them.

At the end of the day, what matters most in this class of items is authenticity.

Maximize the Value of your Gift

If someone you care about is passionate about designer fashion, chances are they care more about the height of style than the age of the gift. Buying pre-owned often brings new tiers of luxury within reach, which would give any gift recipient something to be excited about.

This is Real Life

A lot of people actually feel liberated to carry a bag that’s pre-owned. After all, you want someone to feel like they can get the full use out of a fabulous piece of designer fashion, and in their functional nature, handbags can take some abuse! Sometimes having a beautiful item that, while in great condition, isn’t absolutely pristine can make people feel freer to carry and enjoy the accessory to the fullest.

How? We Make it As Easy As Possible:

We understand that it can be intimidating to try to pick out such a special item for someone else! We have some strategies to help you.

Freedom to Swap

If it doesn’t strike them as perfect, you can let your giftee know that they can bring the item back to us to swap out for something different within 14 days.

Gift Cards

Totally unsure? A gift card to a designer handbag shop certainly shows you’re paying attention to what she loves, but still gives her the freedom to choose her own adventure. She might even want to trade in something she already has and pair the store credit with your gift card to get something over-the-moon fabulous that would have been out of the question before.

Hoping for a Gift? Shop Ahead

Maybe you’re the hopeful gift recipient in this arrangement! Our sales staff is trained to take notes and photos if you’d like to stop in or call ahead of time. Then, when your generous gift-giver comes by, we’ll be able to guide them to the items you love.

In the end, the same reasons it’s great to buy pre-owned designer handbags and accessories for yourself are the same reasons it’s great to buy them for the people you love. We love to help spread the thrill of buying something truly special for special people in any way we can!

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